A team is only as strong as the summation of its parts. Fueled by our varying perspectives, Stadiumred Life is lead by experts across various industries and skill sets. The product of which is a diverse team with the ability to innovate at the intersection of varried perspective.


Claude Zdanow
CEO - Stadiumred Group

As the CEO and Founder of the Stadiumred Group, Claude's passion for building brands and helping others drives the vision for the group. With over a decade of experience launching, growing, and investing in companies, as well as extensive background in music entertainment, his connections and contributions to any project is unparalleled.


Ryan Giunta
Managing Director

With his innovative and energetic spirit, Ryan began his career playing a key role developing Red Bull in the US from launch through mainstream adoption. Using those winning techniques he has spent the last 5 years building fledgling companies into successful, sought-after brands. 


Greg Lorenzo
Executive Director of Strategy

Greg has spent over 12 years as a leader in strategy building some of the most influential brands across 9 countries from Dos Equis to Spotify. His tireless efforts in the office and the field focus on creating the ultimate differentiated consumer experience at every brand touchpoint.


Lanny Grossman
Director of Public Relations

For the past 15 years, Lanny has specialized in PR, luxury lifestyle marketing and consumer outreach for some of the world’s preeminent brands stretching the ends of the earth from Southern Patagonia to Northern Canada and across Europe. He brings an analytical and goal-oriented approach to creating complete communications solutions. 


Jessica Fafara
Director of Sponsorship & Events

Throughout her 10 years in the industry, Jessica has developed an extensive network of brand, influencers and Celebrities, which she works tirelessly to unite in order to form partnerships, experiences and movements that become larger than the sum of their parts


Tom Piazza
Creative Director

Tom’s unique background in Film & Interactive Multimedia drives his creative vision for the agency to shape culture across all channels . His visceral connection to his projects serves to produce engaging, and impactful marketing that permeates the consumer psyche.